July 6, 2018

Big International Football Competition

Did you know that the term ‘The World Cup’ when used in conjunction with football is trademarked by FIFA – so is the word FIFA by the way.

This presents us with a tricky graphic design challenge when a client wants to show the matches but does not want to fall foul of copyright laws. Here are my two solutions. One I made in 2014, the other for the current competition.

I’d like to point out that I didn’t draw the main graphic element ( the minorette ) for the Russia 2018 design. Nope, I ‘hacked’ the official Russia tourist board website and downloaded the SVG for the image of the red square minorettes. I then recreated the decorative shape that’s used in the rest of the promotional material. The decorative shape isn’t trademarked. The font is Teko from Google fonts.

 That’s what happens when you hack our NHS Moscow!