August 30, 2019

Quick UI and Logo Redesign

I recently interviewed with Yourkeys. Before the interview I took the liberty of doing a quick re-design of the logo, a redesign of the intro layer of their website and a LinkedIn ad mockup with a campaign concept.

The original logo

The current logo shows a key shape cut into a house shape. This graphic is difficult to understand at low resolution. As most company’s marketing communications is on-line and relatively low resolution in comparison to print, we’d want a simpler logo that worked at low resolution.

Original Your Keys logo

The Re-designed logo

The re-designed logo features a letter ‘Y’ and letter ‘K’. These letters combined form the new logo. The new logo has been optimised for screen use with larger spacing between the separate elements that make up the logo. These elements can be used separately to form the basis of graphic elements which can be used in marketing materials.

Re-designed logo

New website main navigation and hero section

A simplified main navigation bar was created with a clear call to action and login link.

The hero section features a typical user interacting with the platform in a mobile setting.

Campaign concept

Marketing campaign concept

The concept features a stylish print by a local artist. This allows for more visually interesting campaigns and social media posts. Winners would be likely to share images of their art in situ thus promoting the development as well as publicising the work of local artisans and helping develop the community.

Campaign concept