July 5, 2018

Updated My Porfolio Today

I wanted to create something more memorable than the typical grey and white colour palette style portfolio. This grey / white ‘vanilla’ design pattern is popular because it allows Designers to show different styles of work within a non-intrusive visual framework. In a portfolio website our goal is generally to we are show off the work not the UI.

I didn’t want to do this in this case as I had access to vector versions of each project logo ( because I created them ) and realised I could create something a bit more memorable.  If we want to create more of a visual impact, a ‘light on dark’ colour palette is one way we can do it.

I also wanted be able to change the colour theme ‘on a whim’, so I’ve used SASS to make changing the colour easy. In-line SVGs come with class assigned to the stroke colour so we can target that with the same SASS variable.

I used an on-line duotone tool and used the two base colours to create the profile picture.

** Update 19/07/2018 **

After replacing my Android phone with an iPhone yesterday I’ve just discovered my fancy animated link underline doesn’t work on Chrome on the iPhone! The link has to be clicked twice! A bit of a show stopper I’m sure you’ll agree. I’ve replaced the style now. Lesson: always test on Android and Apple.